Michelle's Sweet Morsels

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Hi everyone, and welcome to Michelle’s Sweet Morsels! My name is Michelle Morsel, and my journey of starting my own business began when I joined Opportunities, Inc. in 1998 as an adult with an intellectual disability I’m the proud owner of “Michelle’s Sweet Morsels,” my new baked goods business that specializes in variety of baked sweet breads, muffins and cookies. My passion for baking has grown tremendously over the past six years of participating in the Opportunities, Inc. programs and I recently decided to take my love of baking to the next level.

My sweet journey began in my mother’s kitchen where she taught me her homemade baked good recipes and where we spent hours baking together. Our baking experiences have only sweetened our close family bond. Recently, I shared with my friend Timeka Benson, the Activities Coordinator at Opportunities Inc., my interest and passion for baking. Over several months I began to bring in sweet treats I had baked at home, along with my family recipes and photos of desserts.

Timeka helped me find a food entrepreneurship program in Takoma Park, through the Crossroads Community Food Network. Timeka applied on my behalf, and I was so excited to be accepted into the program! From my admission into the program, my journey was only going to become sweeter. Timeka and I went through the proper steps in learning how to start a food business, from sanitation and safety requirements to sales and marketing. We even visited Montgomery County Department of Health and Human services to learn about licensing and regulations for cottage food and non-cottage food businesses. During a recent field trip, we also visited the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op and learned about different organic food products, pricing and packaging.

Now, I have the knowledge and recipes to share my sweet journey with my friends and customers who deserve to live a sweet life too with “Michelle’s Sweet Morsels”. As my business grows, I invite you to follow along on the journey! Keep an eye out for events and markets where I will be selling my sweet treats, and please come say hello.

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